Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dear All:

So sorry for the long absent! I have been looking for work since the end of 2013 and I am still looking. I will not be able to focus any time on our work here until I get a full time job, please understand! If any team members can continue with our projects, please let me know. Thanks!!!

UPDATE: September 5, 2014

Last month I started classes to get my real estate license. I did it express, going to morning classes at 9am and ending at 9pm! Now I am almost finish with classes!!!^^ Will need to study hard this month and then take the state exam at the end of the month or next month. Wish me luck everyone!!! Also, anyone looking to rent, buy or sell property in NYC, please do look me I would love to help you and make myself rich at the same time.

Zilly (^_^)

UPDATE: March 2015

Started new job, will be busy for awhile learning new job duties. I will be studying in 2015 to prepare myself to take the state exam for my real estate license.


Soysuva said...

Also focusing on getting a job. I won't available for a while. :(

Heaven and Earth said...

So good to hear from you!!! I wish you the best of luck on your job search. Do you know what you are looking for? If you need any advise or a second brain to help you think through your options, let me know! I have been working over 25 years and had so many different types of job, I feel I can advise anyone lol. Definitely go to your school career office if they have one to seek job openings for students. Are you in college yet?


Heaven and Earth said...

✨🌟✨Wow love your new avatar pic! Beautiful!!!✨🌟✨