Saturday, January 17, 2015


I am opening a retail store in NYC.
I need a store name and logo. Winner will receive $100 USD.
I need a store layout design. Winner will receive $200 USD.
The store size is a rectangle of 20ft x 30ft.
The store will consist of a cafe, spa & sauna and a pet store.
The store has a backyard garden, and 2 levels: first floor, and a basement.
Locals are Chinese, Russian, Mexican, Italian, Jewish, Indian, White & African Americans.

Details of items the store will sell and much more : Clothing, Asian home décor & furniture, books, local artwork & inventions.
  • Cafe: coffee, fine selection of tea, drinks, sandwiches, snacks, pastries, cakes.
  • Spa & Sauna: specialized head to toe product & packages: hair care, facial, massage, acupuncture. 
  • Pet Store: pet food, toys, cages, tanks, etc for dogs, cats, birds, & fishes, specializing in bunnies. Will mostly only sell dry goods, not sure about selling live pets. 
  • Garden: potted plants, water plants, flowers, koi & gold fishes, bunnies.

Keywords for the store:
The place to be. Local artist. Local cuisine. To find a good deal. Clean. Healthy. Unique. Asia.

Keywords for Cafe:
Ambience, relaxing, warmth, teas from all over the world, fireplace & carpet, reading a book, hanging out, yummy desserts, and healthy snacks, drinks & food.

Keywords for Spa & Sauna:
Relaxing, looking beautiful, enjoyment, feeling a newer & better you afterwards.

Keywords for Garden:
Intriguing, relaxing, happy, enjoyment, contentment.

Helpful Links:
Princeton Home Décor Asian furniture and home décor items
Alex Evening at Lord & Taylor Clothing: dresses, jackets, pants, skirts
Alex Evening at Nordstrom Dresses

All details are subject to change as I need to consult city hall and a lawyer regarding licensing and how much everything will cost. If anyone has suggestion and advise, please post in the comments.

1. Contest ends on June 30, 2015.
2. All entries must be send to by June 30, 2015.
3. All email entries must have subject line: NYC RETAIL STORE CONTEST
4. Name of store must also be usable for website.
    Example: Store name: S. Website:
5. All artwork & design must be original work of artist.
6. Logo need to be usable for letterhead, business cards, website, any & all possible business use.
7. Layout design must flow smoothly with all different aspects of the store. Please keep in mind the flow of customer traffic, safety and security.
8. Please help me to spread the word. I do love free marketing. Thanks:)

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