Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I hope you are all doing well. I am currently busy with a new job...my coworkers are GREAT!!! And my customers are AWESOME!!! LOL!!! Just yesterday I was kinda high on coffee and I was talking a mile a minute and all my customers at work were buying holiday chocolate, gifts and gourmet coffee. So of course I was drooling all over the chocolate, gifts and coffee and I was dying to buy some myself. BUT...I was at work and can't shop until I get off work. So my customer was like, you want me to go grab that Cranberries in Belgian Dark Chocolate for you? I was like:"PLEASE!!!" and yes I am eating this as I type this post. As the night goes along, and around 9pm, this sweet woman was of course buying more chocolate and gifts and yummy...ESPRESSO!!!

Sweet Lady...buying lots of yummy goodies where Zilly works.

Zilly: OMG!!! Where you find the espresso? Are there anymore???
Sweet Lady: I only found one, maybe there is another one.
Zilly: OMG I got to go find me one! I LOVE COFFEE!!! Especially strong ones like espresso.
Sweet Lady: Oh if you like it that much, you can have mine.
Zilly: Oh no! I can't do that to you! Once I get off work, I will go find my espresso.
Sweet Lady: No take mine!
Zilly: Oh no! I can't do that to my customer!
Sweet Lady: Please do!
Zilly: Oh no!
Sweet Lady: Go ahead...(gets a phone call on her cellphone) You are in the airport?
Zilly: (Continues ringing up customer's purchase while she talks on her cell.)
Sweet Lady: I am going to hang up because I am at the store right now. I will call you later.

Sweet Lady: Sorry, that was my youngest on the phone. He is in California and is at the airport. I am a mother of 5 sons.
Zilly: Wow! 5 sons! You amazing woman! 5 sons. (Thinking of my sister in law who has only 1 son and says she can't handle another child...finish ringing the purchase.)
Sweet Lady: Here, go take the coffee.
Zilly: Oh no, I can't do that.
Sweet Lady: Here I insist. (Pays for her purchase and took the espresso out of her bag and left it on the counter.) Happy holidays and here is a gift for you. (She runs off.)
Zilly: Oh...I am so embarrassed...lol.

Yummy Pasta & Olives
Zilly's Birthday Dessert
Sooo YUMMMY!!!
I just want to say thank you to all the sweet and nice people out there. I truly appreciate and give thanks to simple kindness from people we meet and even strangers from all over the world. While this sweet lady shows how kind some people are with a simple act of kindness like giving a gift, I also want to give thanks to my team and all the fans that support us throughout the years, your kindness are greatly appreciated. I also want to give thanks to all my friends at RS and FS that gave me words of encouragement throughout this year. Here is a Zilly picture for you all to enjoy, lol

All these Japanese snacks and gifts are from my friend who went to Japan in August and gave them to me as a thank you gift for taking care of her cat, Chibita. These snacks are AWESOME!!! The best is the Bake Creamy snack, omg so darn good!!! It literally melts on your tongue...too bad the snacks are in so little quantity...I need to have 20 of those boxes!
Zilly Tiger at Work

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