Wednesday, February 1, 2017


About this project

The first store of its kind in New York City. A bunny petting store with an outdoor garden. A home for all homeless animals, struggling artists and creators.
A place where people and animals can interact, play and learn together. I want to offer our employees the option to take their children to work. A place where overlooked homeless pets and projects can find a home. A store where artists and creators can exhibit their innovations for free. A company that place people and animals first, instead of just making money. 
Life is tough! I have experienced enough for 3 life times and works beyond hard but sometimes no matter how hard you work, you can still not save even a penny. Everyone needs help sometimes. Currently there is a rabbit ban in NYC, where no stores are allowed to sell them. The homeless bunnies are in crisis in NYC and they need to find a home. Please help to support this project by donating, telling all your family and friends, and add the ZillyBoutique link in your soical medias!

Risks and challenges

ZillyBoutique will be the first store of its kind in New York City. It will need the approvals of the landlords, a lawyer, pet shelters & organizations, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and The NYC Department of Buildings.
The landlords has given approval and is giving ZillyBoutique the first 6 months rent free.
A attorney will be hired to make sure all legal guidelines are followed for NYC commercial business.
I will work with local pet shelters and organizations to find homes for each homeless pet.
I have been communicating with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene the last few years and will finalize the required legal procedures.
Commercial contractors and engineers will be hired to renovate the store; commercial work permits will be file with The NYC Department of Buildings for approvals. A licensed contractor has given an estimate of $35,000 dollars to renovate the store within 3 months.

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