Friday, April 16, 2010


Hi, yesterday evening I tried to upload the website in two different free webhoster, atspace and awardspace, only to realize that the first one didn't handle the database (at least for free accounts) and the second let me use one database, but no socklets. (I don't know what a socklet is, only that if I have some mysql code written in php file that I included in another php file, this mysql code isn't allowed to access the database). 

Anyway, I wasted more than two hours on it. (I had to redo the database online for the second one, it didn't allow import of database for free accounts), and I'd like someone else to do that research for our team. I would not like to pay any money for the website yet, simply because I think there must be a webhoster that provide services that correspond to our needs for free and I wouldn't like to be cheated. Neither would I like to begin to pay for 3 months only to realize that actually there is some function that I need but are not allowed by this account.

During the time I wasted to look for a webhoster, I can't sub anything, create any hardsubbed videos, enhance the website or go out to play. That's why I ask for viewers to help find a webhoster and upload the website on it. I don't care where it is hosted, neither if you use a subdomain. All I need is for it to allow a database, allow socklets (whatever it might be), and use php.5.0 to 5.3. I don't care if it adds ads as long as it is discreet, if we're satisfied with the services, we'll register a paying account to remove the ads.

Website file will be send to you if you can help. Please contact us at zillypomi (at) with website as the subject. Or you can contact us via the comment below this post.

You can upload it on the webhoster using filezilla. Also inside there is a file called heaven.sql, it's the database, look on the webhoster help to see how to upload it.

In the folder include there is two php files called connectiondb.php and connectiondb2.php. Those are files used to make the website communicate with the database. You'll need to replace the value with what the webhoster give you (host, database name, user name, password for the database). And it should be running.

Of course you can use the website in any other way you want. If you wanna enhance it, please do. I am still quite a beginner in html, css and php. I will improve the website once it will be online, meanwhile I won't work on it anymore. Please I really need help. Originally I am a translator, but I have to do every other job in a fansub to make it progress a little (hence I haven't translated anything for more than 6 weeks) and if I don't receive help I'll be unhappy (and if I am unhappy, I won't want to work. Zilly will back me up, saying I do more than enough, and then we'll send every viewer to hell. It will be ugly. No one will wanna see that!)



gemini28 said...

i saw that it's free and enables sockets, whatever it is....

Hope it meets your criterias pomi! :D

Flick said...

Hi there

I'm a little bit confused as you have a .sql file (which I presume is supposed to be uploaded to a database) and the rest of the site will be powered by PHP. Why not use something like WordPress (either self-hosted or to manage all that?


pom45i said...

IT's already uploaded. And if I don't use that it's because eventually there will be files hosted on the server for download/upload. Wich can't be done on sites like wordpress or blog. For this kind of things we need a server and a database do anddle those files.

Flick said...

@pom45i: Thanks for your reply.

Fair comment I suppose for not using e.g.

Perhaps you can consider external file hosts like Mediafire and Megaupload; because even if a free and decent provider was happy to host your website, I'm not sure how sustainable the relationship would be if large files become available for Direct Downloading.

Is this something you would consider?

If so, then you could then use self-hosted WordPress to setup the website and use a plugin to manage the downloads.

micvhg said...

hi, i currently have a hostmonster hosting package i'm basically just using for email. if you'd like i can loan you about 100GB of space but the catch is you'll have to get your own domain name and manage the site yourself. i can help with any questions since i worked for a host provider(network solutions) but besides that it's all self manage. please leave a reply comment with a contact email address if you're interested.

Pom45i said...

You're all sweet. For now we'll do with what we have. There is already so much that needs to be done and so few of us to do all that. Moreover with examinations coming up, it's a big load added to our shoulder.
Right now, I am the only one interested to learn how to code for a website and so managing and creating it. I could use someone with some Javascript or AJAX knowledge.
I have my own ideas for the website, and I won't host any video on it.
When I speak of file storage, I mean subtitle files and such. None of that takes a lot of place. I also mean to eventually create a login thingy, so anyone registered will be able to participate somehow in another kind of
projects. This, as the download thingy, involves the use of a database.

micvhg said...

web hosting isn't just storage but a way to create a website. i have full mysql and ms sql database access so you'll have no trouble with creating a blog or a forum. if you'd like to try i can setup a word press sample site with full access and and/or even phpbb site for you to try. let me know. it'd be great if you guys could continue your projects as these are some great series' you're subbing. please let me know.

Pom45i said...

I am looking for someone with xhtml/css php/mysql skills. If you know how to code in javascript or AJAx is even better. Then we'll really be able to do something go. And I'll be able to resume my subbing work.
You can contact me on I'll tell you more then.

Flick said...

@micvhg: Glad you are able to offer such a lot of space with the hosting! :) I think this is probably what the group will need if they eventually release Hardsubs.

@Pom45i: I'd agree with micvhg and would suggest that rather than having to build the site from scratch, it's worth taking a look at WordPress and the myriad of free themes (as a start) and you can then whoever you find can then apply such xHTML, CSS etc. skills.

An example of a plugin that would help with managing your downloads is WP Download Manager, which can be Members Only as well.

Again, there are probably plugins that can help with any AJAX/javascript needs.